I've been lucky enough to have lived abroad for several years including when my first child was born.  In order for us to keep visiting family (and holidaying!) regularly we had to adapt to travelling with a child in tow.  I used to love the fun of preparing for a trip and putting together new things to pass the time on the long haul flight.  Now settled back in the UK with two children I still enjoy the benefits of putting together activity packs for them and I wanted to share these with others not only for travelling but any time that some fresh entertainment is needed!

At Little Big Fun we take our responsibilities seriously.  We create bags for children aged from 12 months up to 10 years and we work hard to ensure that all products are marked as safe and appropriate for the different age groups.  We are trying our best to be environmentally responsible by using reusable cotton bags and sending all of our parcels in plastic free packaging. 

I hope that by offering these tried and tested, cost effective and convenient bags we can make your life easier too.